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Quality Time is a Calgary, Alberta company doing business since 1997. The President is Thomas Thomson who has over 35 years of experience in Great Britain, Europe & Calgary. Assisting in the office with enquiries & quotes as well as trip planning is Diana Sheppard.

The Company has grown year after year since our first tour to Great Britain in 1998 followed by successful trips to Australia & New Zealand (2000) & the World Curling Championships in Glasgow (2000). Since 2010 Quality Time has been the transport provider for 3 Calgary outdoor clubs & have taken them on hiking holidays to Scotland (2011 & 2013), England (2015),  New Zealand (2017), Devon & Cornwall (2018) & Iceland & Scotland (2019).

On May 1, 2022 Tom & Diana retired from the bus charter business in order to concentrate on organizing hiking & walking trips overseas - the next trip is planned for Sept 2023.

New trips will be planned for the future as travel becomes easier & restrictions ease.  We will have more details in the months ahead.  Keep checking back.

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